Who are we

We are Exclusive Bully Inc. (EBI) a kennel specializing in breeding high-quality, exclusive American Bully Pitbulls XL in the colors of Champagne, Blue, Sable, tricolor and merle We have started with Exclusive Bully Inc. (EBI) because we saw that there were already a lot of beautiful Pitbulls, but the exclusive Pitbull as we had in mind was not yet. And so there was a plan to create this self. What we from Exclusive Bully Inc. (EBI) in our dogs, is a good character, an exclusive look and a rough construction. A good example of this is our golden eyes female bitch, with its golden yellow eyes and champagne, she is a real asset to EBI. Also our fist Fist of Fury Sox can be recognized by their golden yellow eyes, these eyes are a typical feature of the Sunline blood that carries this American bully pitbull XL. We from Exclusive Bully Inc. (EBI) have raised all our dogs in the home circle. All our dogs are therefore sensual and are tailor-made. We also want our best for our bitches, which means that they are given a rest after each produced nest.

If you have been interested in our dogs, you can find our kennels in the Netherlands and Germany. You can also take a look at our  FACEBOOK  and INSTAGRAM at all times. For specific questions, please email to info@ebixlbully.com